Zanrai Interactive, LLC

Based in Dallas, Texas, USA

Release Date


January 2015



PC, Linux, PlayStation 4

Regular Price


$9.99 USD


STARDUST VANGUARDS is a local four-player dueling game inspired by old-school anime space operas, combining arcade-style battling with the ability to summon your own NPC army as support. Each battle is unique with the game’s random event system, forcing players to respond to dozens of potential surprise attacks by computer-controlled space pirates. The pirates can even win the whole battle themselves forcing momentary truces between players.


  • Lightning-fast local (shared screen) multiplayer dueling that rewards precision
  • Summon reinforcements as you earn reinforcement points (RP) by taking out enemies
  • Random event system with dozens of NPC space pirate scenarios. Trivial line attacks, pincer tactics, transport convoys, mercenary squads, fleet blitzkriegs, and more!
  • Space pirates are gunning to win the battle themselves. Will you team up with your rivals to stop them or use the moment to your advantage?
  • Unlock 13 different battlefields each offering unique offensive and defensive strategies
  • Deathmatch, Team Battles, Conquest (King of the Hill), and Space Ball Mode (soccer style capture the flag)
  • Cooperative Mode for 1 to 4 players with shared lives across three different difficulties and an endurance mode through all three
  • Custom Deathmatch options let you build your perfect battle. Infinite ammo, swords only, reinforcement variables, pirate event regularity, and more!
  • Rocking in-game soundtrack


Stardust Vanguards Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • “SXSW 2015 Gaming Awards Official Selection” – Stardust Vanguards, 2015
  • “Indiecade East Esports Selection” – Stardust Vanguards, 2015

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Original Soundtrack
The Stardust Vanguards soundtracks is available via Bandcamp –

About Zanrai Interactive

Zanrai Interactive is an independent game studio based out of Dallas, Texas.

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Primary Team Members

Jason Koohi

Founder, Director, Designer, Artist, FX, Musician, Voice

Twitter : @zanrai_int

Simon Inch

Programmer, Designer

Twitter: @excelynx


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