Zanrai Interactive, LLC

Based in Dallas, Texas, USA

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Zanrai Interactive, LLC is an independent game studio based out of Dallas, Texas dedicated to creating immersive, frenetic gaming experiences with personality and over-the-top style.


The company was started by Jason Koohi in 2010 to produce audio, music, and voiceover assets on a contract basis, focusing primarily on the mobile market.

Later, a shift to game development occurred and Simon Inch was brought aboard. In 2015, the team released their first game, Stardust Vanguards, a 4-player local-multiplayer arcade game where players earn and summon a myriad of NPC reinforcement units to help in battle. The game was launched on PC and Linux in 2015. In 2016, Stardust Vanguards was released on the PlayStation 4.

The company is currently developing VISEGUNNE, a narrative-driven shoot ’em up for PC (available through Steam). It is currently available for wishlisting.

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Stardust Vanguards 2015 Launch Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • “SXSW 2015 Gaming Awards Official Selection” – Stardust Vanguards, 2015
  • “Indiecade East Esports Selection” – Stardust Vanguards, 2015

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Primary Team Members

Jason Koohi

Founder, Director, Designer, Artist, FX, Musician, Voice


Twitter : @zanrai_int



Simon Inch

Programmer, Designer


Twitter: @excelynx