The free download of the Heaven Variant album has been taken offline. Sorry for any inconvenience.

It’s still available for listening or purchase online via Bandcamp, however.

There are a few reasons that collectively contributed to this messy situation:

  1. Many of the themes and melodies in these tracks are being utilized (and rearranged) for our new game WESTGUNNE.
  2. Bandwidth was becoming an issue.
  3. I didn’t remove the album from Bandcamp because if you were one of the people who kindly purchased the album, you paid for it and it’s still available to you. I appreciate your support.
  4. Many of the people downloading the album for free unfortunately (and incorrectly) believed the album was free to use in their own professional and commercial projects, which is not true. While the album was briefly available for free, the tracks cannot be used in any professional or commercial endeavor.

So for these reasons, the free version of the soundtrack was taken down. You can still listen to all of the tracks for free as previews over on Bandcamp.

And just in case you missed it, in addition to other albums I’ve worked on, there are free Dev-Blog previews over in the Music section if you want to thumb through more recent stuff.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.