Team Avatar GIFs

Let’s introduce you to your NPC teammates in WESTGUNNE.

Allied NPC Squadmate: Vera

This is your teammate, Vera. She's a sharpshooter as well as a weapons and tactics expert. In addition to her ability as a marksman, her strategic knowledge is an indispensable asset to the team. As a perfectionist, she respects good planning.

Allied NPC Squadmate: Marcus

This is your teammate, Marcus. He's a rising star among mercs, but also quite the show-off. His natural adaptability in combat makes him versatile in a number of roles. He hates not being the center of attention.

Allied NPC Squadmate: Abrams

This is your teammate, Abrams. He is the oldest and most experienced pilot on the team and also the unofficial leader. Relying on his mastery of conventional tactics, he is extremely reliable. Despite his ruthless efficiency, he doesn't like fighting.

Player Character: Eind Westgunne

And lastly our player character, Eind. He's new to the squad and has a reputation among other mercs as a reckless troublemaker. He accomplishes missions consistently, but rampant destruction seems to follow him as a side effect. While his skills are rough around the edges, his tenacity and willingness to do whatever it takes makes him a formidable pilot. Maybe he just doesn't know when to quit?