SGC2014 was Awesome + Full Battle Video!

Hey guys, Jason here exhausted after a very successful return from the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention! SGC2014 went awesome for us and Stardust Vanguards, nearly 99% of people that played the game seemed to enjoy playing it and we had a great crowd around our booth a lot of the time! We really loved watching the public play the game and develop their own strategies for winning battles which was also crazy cool!

Here’s a full battle from attendees at the convention. You guys were all great! Make sure to hit us up on Twitter!

And a very special thanks from me and Simon to everyone that played our demo of Stardust Vanguards! We really appreciate you guys and gals swinging by and playing a few battles with us (and beating us mercilessly)!

The above video is one that was recorded straight from the convention, played by actual attendees in glorious 1080P and in 60 frames per second. And I also took a ton of pictures and videos of the con attendees playing the game. I’ll be posting it all very soon! But stay tuned for the deluge of convention related videos and gameplay vids. And possibly a new trailer too!

In the meantime, if you dig what we’re doing, please vote for us on Steam Greenlight and tell your friends! We need your help!

Video and Greenlight Link! Vote For Us!

Hey everyone! Jason here again! Without further ado here is our new video for our Steam Greenlight campaign. Don’t forget to vote because we can’t get this on Steam without you!

Please vote for STARDUST VANGUARDS there to see the game on Steam! In preparation for SGC2014, we’re loading up on new content to show you all what we’ve been cooking. We’re still balancing the game and recent play tests went really well.We’ll be posting some more stuff soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime follow us on Twitter or Facebook! And tell your friends to spread the word if there into space battles, mechas and all that jazz. 🙂