UPDATE NOW! Stardust Vanguards V1.1 is live!


The new update is out! Steam should automatically download it if you haven’t turned off auto-updates, but make sure you grab it! We know you’ll love all the new stuff we’ve added in. We’re unofficially calling it the “Prettiness Update” largely because the extra polish that’s gone in really makes the game shine in a whole new light. It’s got some prettied-up additions and the game itself just plays a whole lot better with the new features, effects, UI enhancements, event balances, and fixes! If you liked Stardust Vanguards before, you’ll really love it now.

The coolest new feature is our new bounty target system! If a player suddenly gains a strong lead during the battle, we’ll issue a bounty awarding 50 reinforcement points for that player’s head instead of the normal 10. This new feature has been a blast during our tests and we know you’ll just love it. A giant crosshair spins down on the target and everyone scrambles to take them out. We previewed this feature at our show at SXSW earlier this month, and it was a real hit with the crowd not only because it offers a way for losing players to fight back up the ranks, but it’s such a dramatic moment when everyone stops what they’re doing and focuses their attention on a single commander with a massive target on them. It’s great and just as much fun to watch!

We also added a lot of really cool UI additions. You guys and gals asked for quicker menus and rematch options so we delivered on that. After each match you can return to the title (without seeing our logo everytime), or you can replay the same round or choose a new arena. We also wanted to give you more info while in-game without forcing you to look away from your character, so we unified the player arrow labels (you know, the ones that say P1, P2, etc.) to include both your currently earned RP as well as how much shield time you have remaining. It’s really a cool system because this new arrow will also start blinking at you when you’re at max RP so you don’t forget to call your valuable reinforcements into battle.

There’s also a ton of new explosion effects, UI enhancements (better win screens and windows), fun extras (like dry firing your gun when it’s empty), and a bunch of balances and fixes. Check out the entire changelist in my last post get the full picture on every change we made. And yes, each robot’s eyes glow on the character select screen now because… that’s clearly a very important thing to add in an update. The one thing you can take away from this update is that we want to make Stardust Vanguards the best it can be, and a lot of the more superfluous extras are a labor of love to make the game the best it can be.

Make sure to drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of this new definitive version of Stardust Vanguards!