We’ll be at the SXSW 2015 Game Expo this weekend!


Hey ladies and gentlemen! Jason here just letting you know me and Simon will be at SXSW 2015 this weekend at the Palmer Events Center in sunny downtown Austin, Texas. It all goes down starting this Friday through Sunday and unlike the rest of SXSW, the game expo is open to the public. So come on down and battle it out with us. We’ll also be previewing our new “Prettiness Update” at the expo before pushing the update to everyone’s home copies of Stardust Vanguards. So look for that update coming soon, it makes the game even better.

While I’ve been calling the update the “Prettiness Update” it’s got a lot more than that to it. The new update has some cool stuff that we can’t wait to show off, including a whole slew of new visual effects, a lot of new menu items, rematch options, snappier menu transitions, and an awesome new bounty feature that helps losing players get a lot of sweet sweet RP when killing off the leading player. It’s only fair a player with a big lives advantage be worth more RP right? Beyond that we modified the player labels so at a glance, right on your character, you can see your own RP as well as how much shielding you have left. New explosions when player’s are eliminated, new indicators when you’re at MAX RP, or charging up… it’s a pretty exhaustive list of minor details that really add up to a much prettier, user friendly package! When it comes down to it, this update is a labor of love to make the game feel and play better, and we definitely think you all will love it. So if you’re in Austin definitely swing on by, check it out, and get in on the shenanigans.