We’re Working on a New Update!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for a great launch! We’ve been listening to your feedback and are prepping for our first update. I’m just dropping by to let everyone know we’re cooking up an update that generally makes the game feel more polished, look prettier, and function in a more user friendly way. We also added a really fun new gameplay feature called “Bounty Targets!” Players with decisive advantages in survival deathmatch will have a bounty issued on them. Killing a targeted player rewards you with 50 RP if you can kill them off! That’s 5 times the reinforcement points from a single player kill since player kills are usually only worth +10 RP. It’s a really fun system that acts as both a sign of prestige for good players and as a way for players that are losing to catch back up.

We also have a lot of usability fixes and adjustments to the game’s interface and user friendliness, like prompts that you have reinforcement points available, an overhauled and unobtrusive RP meter that follows your character around, a shield indicator to know how much shielding you have left, and a few prompts to notify you when you’ve got maximum reinforcements (so you make sure and use them!). There’s a lot of smaller fixes and modifications too and we’ll have a detailed changelist coming soon, but generally speaking the game feels more polished, prettier, and user friendly. We took a lot of user feedback into account and we’re working on making the game play even better!

Timeframe should be soon-ish! Sorry for a lack of specifics, but we have to test it to make sure it works properly, but it should be available within a few weeks, tops!

We’re also gearing up for SXSW in two weeks where we plan to put our update through it’s paces! We’ll make sure to give you the latest info as things develop! And one last special thanks to everyone that’s supported us! We’re just about to near the game’s one month mark since it released and we just want to genuinely express our gratitude to our fans and supporters. Thanks ladies and gentlemen!