Stardust Vanguards is an Indiecade East eSports Selection!

_INDIECADE_BANNERWe are proud to announce that Stardust Vanguards was selected as an Indiecade East eSports Selection! If you’re going to be at Indiecade East in New York City next month, you have to stick around for the eSports Showcase where Stardust Vanguards will be among a number of highly competitive games in a curated event. It’ll be a blast and there’s no doubt some great battles are going to go down! Stay tuned.

And a big shout out to Russell Fincher of the Dallas Society of Play who kindly hosted Stardust Vanguards in their mega sweet custom arcade cabinet at PAX South last weekend. We built a custom arcade build just for them and they took it with them to the convention where a ton of people got a chance to give SV a whirl! We even heard through the grapevine that Sir Richard Garriott gave it a go. Oh, I wonder how that went! We’re super sorry we couldn’t make it, but we’re very appreciative to everyone that helped showcase the game. We’ll post pictures as soon as we can, but a special thanks goes out to Russell Fincher and the Dallas Society of Play for helping SV have a presence at PAX South. We seriously appreciate it. I’ll make sure to get some pics online of their sexy arcade cab as soon as I can!