The GigaBoots Guys Do a Stardust Vanguards Quick Play

So with our press demo out in the wild, we’re starting to get some really great battles showing up online. The strategies emerging are just as unique as all the players in the battle. In this video in particular you can see how even just hanging back and letting your reinforcements harass other players can be a perfectly viable strategy. You’re your team’s commander in Stardust Vanguards so use those reinforcements!

Special thanks to the guys at GigaBoots for checking out our early press demo. (And please forgive the bugs, we’ve already ironed them out!)

In other news, our Steam Greenlight campaign is moving, but we still need more votes, and we’re getting ready to be finalized with the game very soon. We’ll likely launch elsewhere just so we can get the game into people’s hands, but we’ll let you know how everything is going to roll out as soon as we get more information!

And we also have some new game modes we want to talk about soon, so we’ll be showing off all of that stuff soon right before launch!