New SGC2014 Battle Video

And we have a new battle video from SGC2014! Me and Simon loved watching how these battles ebbed and flowed. This particular battle was a little messy in the beginning, I think we had brand new players hopping in to play, but halfway in they started to understand calling reinforcements and it turned into a pretty good battle! It takes about a battle or two to get a feel for how the game plays. Of course, the pirates didn’t pull any punches! If you care how this battle ends I’ll warn you spoilers are below the video! I’ll go into discussion about what players did wrong and maybe what should have happened.

Second warning for spoilers if you don’t want to know who won in that video! Okay, we’re good? Cool! So what happened at the end of this battle? The pirates won! Yeah, the pirates are their own faction just like the player’s teams. They’ll only show up here or there throughout a battle, and sometimes you may only seem them occasionally, but if a group of players don’t deal with them they can be a little much by the end for just one player (but not impossible). The red player -easily- could have won by relying only on reinforcements.

So the red player had survived against all of the other players but made a fatal mistake at the end. This player had 50-60 reinforcement points (RP)! If that player had summoned those units at the end against those pirates transports that would have been a -huge- squadron to call in. So remember to always call your units because you can always earn more later on. Hypothetically if this match continued on, those troop transports are worth 25 RP each when you destroy them. If this player had called his forces at 50RP, they probably could have taken all of them, and pushed the red player up to 100RP, the maximum you can have, by the end. So the moral of this story is to use your reinforcements! They’ll build up your RP quicker than you can alone, while giving you some opportunities to retreat to safer places. Yeah, you may lose a lot of allied units, but in the end, you as a player are what’s valuable to your team. So send in those reinforcements! Abuse them! They willingly sacrifice themselves for your wise and mighty cause!