Stardust Vanguards Development Complete!

Development on Stardust Vanguards is 100% done! Exciting huh?

So here’s the low down on what’s going to happen from here ladies and gentlemen. What we had hoped is that the game’s Steam Greenlight campaign would have been prepped and ready for a Steam launch by now, but our Greenlight campaign looks like it won’t make it in time for the game’s release. That makes us sad pandas! We’re still looking for those oh-so important yes votes (so vote vote vote), but in the meantime, what we’re going to do is launch anyway just on a different distribution service outside of Steam! I know a lot of people we had talked to were really looking forward to having the game available on Steam, and a Steam release very well could be a possibility at some point in the near future assuming we can garner the votes, but right now we just want to get the game out into the wild and into your hands while we continue acquiring votes on Greenlight. If you haven’t voted and like Stardust Vanguards please help the game in that regard, just because we’re releasing outside of Steam first doesn’t mean we’re turning our back on Steam by any means!

We’re looking into distribution methods right now. There’s some stuff to attend to on the business side of things so there’s a little bit of work on our end to facilitate all that, but the game is finished and we’re working to get it out as soon as possible!

Upon launch we’ll also make the soundtrack available too via Bandcamp, just like the old Heaven Variant album from last year. This service is safe and really cool because you can download the audio in any format you want, from MP3s to lossless FLAC files, and anything in between. So look for that too if you’re into that sort of thing. And in case you missed it, we also have the soundtrack available for listening for free over in our Youtube channel.

So this is our big update to let you all know where things are going! Sorry for the delays in getting the distribution handled. Our game plan had changed just a little with the Greenlight slowness, but just hang in there with us!

And just to clarify, we’re still going to aim to get released over Steam, but that’ll just have to take a bit of a backseat to our launch now that the game is completed. In the meantime what you can do to help Stardust Vanguards is to tell your friends, help us spread the word across the internet, and drop the game’s Greenlight link to anyone you might think would be interested in this kind of thing.

We’ll definitely make a big racket so you know when the game will become available. Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think!

Stardust Vanguards Preview over at Manly Gamedays

There’s a really great preview article about Stardust Vanguards over at Manly Gamedays. Special thanks to Stanley K for the in depth look at the game.

Definitely make sure you check it out. [LINK]

And don’t forget Stardust Vanguards is still battling it out on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to vote and tell your friends!  Big news coming up soon. The game is nearing completion and we’ll have information on how the launch is going to roll out very soon.

The GigaBoots Guys Do a Stardust Vanguards Quick Play

So with our press demo out in the wild, we’re starting to get some really great battles showing up online. The strategies emerging are just as unique as all the players in the battle. In this video in particular you can see how even just hanging back and letting your reinforcements harass other players can be a perfectly viable strategy. You’re your team’s commander in Stardust Vanguards so use those reinforcements!

Special thanks to the guys at GigaBoots for checking out our early press demo. (And please forgive the bugs, we’ve already ironed them out!)

In other news, our Steam Greenlight campaign is moving, but we still need more votes, and we’re getting ready to be finalized with the game very soon. We’ll likely launch elsewhere just so we can get the game into people’s hands, but we’ll let you know how everything is going to roll out as soon as we get more information!

And we also have some new game modes we want to talk about soon, so we’ll be showing off all of that stuff soon right before launch!

“Button Masher Bros” Play STARDUST VANGUARDS (Hilarity Ensues)

So we just sent out our Press Demos (sidenote: if you’re a member of the press and want to try a copy email us or DM us on Twitter). And these guys are hilarious. You really have to watch this! Plus it highlights a lot of cool shifts in the battle from NPCs intermingling with the players. Please forgive us for the bugs also! We’re ironing those out as I type!

We’re still on Greenlight and we really need your vote if you haven’t voted. And one last special thanks to the Button Masher Bros! Check out their Youtube channel, these guys are hilarious and we appreciate them playing through our game, and for the very kind words.

Fresh Out the Oven: New Stages

Here are a few new stages we’ve been working on. A few have destroyable objects. Others have dangerous hazards. We’re still balancing them a little, so they may change between now and release, but hey new levels! Like them? Do you have any comments or suggestions of stages you’d like to see? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

new_stage_01 new_stage_06 new_stage_05 new_stage_04 new_stage_03 new_stage_02

Stardust Vanguards – New Trailer

Our new trailer is up! If you’re excited for this game we hope you’ll help us spread the word by dropping our link or our video’s link on any social networks or forums that you frequent. We can’t make it without you and we really appreciate everyone’s support so far. We love you guys and gals!

And we’re still trying to get votes on Steam Greenlight! If you like Stardust Vanguards, please help us by voting!

So what do you think? We want your opinion! Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and let us know your thoughts!

New SGC2014 Battle Video

And we have a new battle video from SGC2014! Me and Simon loved watching how these battles ebbed and flowed. This particular battle was a little messy in the beginning, I think we had brand new players hopping in to play, but halfway in they started to understand calling reinforcements and it turned into a pretty good battle! It takes about a battle or two to get a feel for how the game plays. Of course, the pirates didn’t pull any punches! If you care how this battle ends I’ll warn you spoilers are below the video! I’ll go into discussion about what players did wrong and maybe what should have happened.

Second warning for spoilers if you don’t want to know who won in that video! Okay, we’re good? Cool! So what happened at the end of this battle? The pirates won! Yeah, the pirates are their own faction just like the player’s teams. They’ll only show up here or there throughout a battle, and sometimes you may only seem them occasionally, but if a group of players don’t deal with them they can be a little much by the end for just one player (but not impossible). The red player -easily- could have won by relying only on reinforcements.

So the red player had survived against all of the other players but made a fatal mistake at the end. This player had 50-60 reinforcement points (RP)! If that player had summoned those units at the end against those pirates transports that would have been a -huge- squadron to call in. So remember to always call your units because you can always earn more later on. Hypothetically if this match continued on, those troop transports are worth 25 RP each when you destroy them. If this player had called his forces at 50RP, they probably could have taken all of them, and pushed the red player up to 100RP, the maximum you can have, by the end. So the moral of this story is to use your reinforcements! They’ll build up your RP quicker than you can alone, while giving you some opportunities to retreat to safer places. Yeah, you may lose a lot of allied units, but in the end, you as a player are what’s valuable to your team. So send in those reinforcements! Abuse them! They willingly sacrifice themselves for your wise and mighty cause!

ManlyGameDays Interview (SGC2014)

Manly Stanley Kuschick conducted an interview for Stardust Vanguards while we were at SGC. His video covers a ton of great games and developers, but our particular piece for Stardust Vanguards is right at the 4:59/5:00 minute mark. And forgive me for chewing gum during an interview!